Concrete Pipes or Hume Pipes
Plain End RCC Pipes, S&S RCC Pipes

We manufacture Concrete Pipes / Hume Pipes / RCC Pipes from 150mm dia to 1800mm dia as per IS-458. We manufacture Pipes in both Plain Ends with Collar Type and Socket & Spigot Type (S&S Pipes). We also manufacture Pressure Pipes. Concrete Pipes / RCC Pipes are used in underground drainage, sewerage lines, Water Supply, and Road Culverts. RCC Pressure Pipes are used in Lift Irrigation
Schemes and Large Drain Works

Class Type Sizes
NP-2 ClassLow Duty150mm to 1800mm
NP-3 ClassMedium Duty150mm to 1800mm
NP-4 ClassHeavy Duty150mm to 1800mm
P-1 ClassPressure Pipes150mm to 1800mm