Sai Kiran Enterprises' is a versatile manufacturer of variety of Precast Concrete Products

With over 30 years of experience, Sai Kiran Enterprises excels in the production of diverse precast concrete products, including pipes, chambers, manholes, box culverts, and decorative concrete poles. As the sole manufacturer of Ornamental Concrete Poles in India, our three production units in Bangalore and Mysore cater to top industries in electricity supply, water supply, drainage, real estate, and property security, ensuring all products adhere to ISI standards.

Concrete Pipes

Our Concrete Pipe offers versatile durability and strength for applications such as drainage systems, storm drains, sewer lines, and culverts, available in all classes and sizes.

Concrete Poles

Our PSC & RCC Poles are used in Electrical Transmission Lines and made as per REC and ESCOM Specifications. We manufacture both Poles in 8 Meter & 9 Meter Heights

Precast Compound Wall

Our Precast Compound Wall or Readymade Boundary Wall are highly durable, versatile and strong. These can be custom built as per clients requirements in various heights.

Precast Products

Our Precast Concrete Products include Kerb Stones, Cover Slabs, Saucer Drains, U Drains or Storm Water Drains etc. and we also customize as per the Clients' requirement.

Introducing for the 1st time in India, Ornamental Concrete Poles.

Our Products

What Are We

Sai Kiran Enterprises’ Concrete Products Division is synonymous with enhancing quality of life through its commitment to excellence. With a steadfast focus on enduring quality, it aspires to provide a lifetime of reliability in every concrete product.


Our core values include unwavering commitment to quality, safety, integrity, innovation, & adaptability. These core values serve as the guiding pillars, ensuring a resilient foundation for a thriving future ahead.


Our vision is to become the unparalleled industry leader, setting benchmarks in innovative, sustainable, and exceptional concrete solutions. Our goal is to redefine the built environment, ushering in transformative excellence through our commitment to pioneering construction solutions.

Excellent infrastructure and state of the art manufacturing facility. Quality products and good service with sound technical Knowledge.